Do you know the power of the Locstatt Training Check?

One of the most powerful features of the Locstatt database is the ability to aggregate training records from multiple sources, compress them and then present the same against a series of training matrix combinations.

We are able to gather training data automatically whenever you use the Locstatt training applications, as well as other 3rd party training providers via multiple API links, or even training conducted at safety meetings.

Now, if in some parts of your operations, you are still tracking training on paper, we understand this and no problem – send them to us and our advanced support service will upload, which saves you time, resources and money.

From there you simply select the company and department can instantly see a huge range of training matrix options dashboards, all downloadable on Excel spreadsheets.

This information will easily detail who is current, expired, training not taken, not required or close to expire.

In addition to this monthly training status emails are automatically sent out to selected managers or administrators.

For many of our clients today, this service is critical to their operations and in many cases has resulted in huge associated cost savings.

We have the track record to prove this.