Stop Work Authority Program

Locstatt’s entire mission is to provide the process highway to facilitate the actual day to day implementation of your company safety management systems.

The huge by-product of this is through our Workstation Applications, or “harvesting tools” as we call them, being able to provide management and supervisors with the detailed proactive analysis information that company personnel need in order to make better decisions.

Let’s look at how this plays into Behavioral Based Safety or BBS programs.

Many companies have BBS programs that involve ineffective data capturing – such as paper based cards. This inevitably leads to huge inefficiencies and data analysis issues as all of this information needs to be reprocessed – typically into Excel spreadsheets.

More importantly the workforce are often not given timely feedback on the action or status of their BBS observations.

At Locstatt this process is captured via a simple user friendly application that can be used on multiple devices (Android, Apple & Windows). From there, remedial action sheets / closeout reports are automatically created and sent to management and supervisors for immediate action.

The simple facilitation of this process results in the ability to provide management, contractors and the workforce with the information that they need in order to understand the situation and make informed decisions.