Locstatt is a very unique company that uses web and mobile technology to harvest on-site Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE) data. This means that Locstatt goes a step beyond HSSE data management and gives you the necessary leading indicators you need to make the right decisions for optimized rig, plant or industrial process safety.

Hi, my name is Bryce Donaldson,

and with over 35 years in the industry working from the coalface backwards I can safely say that we have built probably one of the most robust and user friendly systems in the world when it comes to harvesting HSSE data.
In order to facilitate this process I have had the privilege, over the last 14 years, to gather together and lead a group of world class safety, security, database, IT and support desk professionals.

My role along the way has been, and continues to be, firstly to focus on team building with the assembly and communication of subject matter experts, while at the same time collectively designing and implementing industry changing solutions.

I was very fortunate to have been involved in the military at an early age which not only taught me the basics of team building but also gave me the chance to learn from, without a doubt, the best in class when it comes to this.

My second focus has been to then verify the true and perceived values of ideas and technology when looking at design to improving HSSE systems. This may sound easy but in today’s world it is not.

From there, my 3rd most important role has been to then define the practical value of safety system implementation designs or ideas that continually come in from a wide and very valuable variety of industry backgrounds and new technologies.

I have learned to be extremely focused here, especially when applying the same to our Mission Statement, which is:

To create a safer world by solving the challenges related to practical industrial system implementation and reporting

As mentioned at the beginning, Locstatt has been built from the coalface backwards, and it has always been my philosophy that to stay sharp you have to stay on the ground. This is why I continue to invest my time and energy into many diverse emerging oil and gas projects around the world.

I like to keep my hands dirty and my ears and eyes constantly evaluating what your average safety supervisor is facing in real time. In order to provide practical safety solutions, you have to know the realistic situations that the industry is facing both from an operator and contractor perspective on the ground.

This of course is balanced out with our highly trained and knowledgeable Support & Development Team that handle the day to day operations including our client interface and development on the back end. In fact over the last few months with the spread of COVID-19 this part of the Locstatt System has proved to be worth its weight in gold.

For me, when building Locstatt, as a post 9/11 Contingency Planning Manager, I clearly understood the importance and value of contingency planning. We needed to plan for the 100 year event.

What was key to our contingency planning?

  • The team, communications, work process, client interface & conflict resolution
  • The ability to speak openly, as related to new conditions such as working from home
  • Internet

When put to the test in today’s COVID-19 world, the practical and real-time experience for our Locstatt Team was:

  • In March 2020, our state of the art development and support office was totally shut down. Over 60 other companies were in the same building.
  • All of our software engineers and help support personnel started working from home.
  • The Result:
    • Our global clients did not skip a beat!
    • Not one of them had any idea of what was going on in the background.
    • It was ‘business as usual’.
  • This for me (Bryce) has been a very proud moment as testimony to the team. We have a very unique team today!
  • Most importantly our database remains secure in California with multiple backup options.

Needless to say, it has been an eventful journey of remarkable challenges and often success, but more importantly, we have figured out how not to implement HSSE technology at the worksite and this is now what makes the entire design around the Locstatt suite of services so unique.

Powered by Locstatt

‘Powered by Locstatt’ is a term that many of our client company partners use when referencing their safety systems and the partnership with the Locstatt services.

Locstatt today uses web and mobile technology to empower sustainable organizations to harvest on-site HSE data, in order to provide leading indicators or information needed to make the right management decisions for optimized rig, plant or industrial process safety.