The Audits & Inspections Application you choose needs to be central to the implementation of your entire Company Safety Management System.

Indeed there is no better example of this than Locstatt’s integrated Audit Application, associated Helpdesk Support,  combined with the power of compressed data reporting.

  • Firstly, give us your audit or inspection templates to be converted and uploaded to initiate your customized interface.
  • Secondly take advantage of our free training and support during initial set up.
  • Finally enjoy the benefits of seamless company wide Audit Reporting and Corrective Action.

Not only will you have all the latest controlled templates available to all personnel, but they can operate regardless of device used (Windows, Android or iOS). On top of this you have the ability to set monthly or weekly Audit Goals, and track the outcome.

Distinctive Characteristics include:

1. Choice of Workstation app available on Android, iOS or Windows to create multiple Audits & Inspections daily.
2. No charge for conversion of all your Audit & Inspection templates to digital format for use via the web or mobile app.

3. Company wide data analysis including Vehicle and Equipment inspections and reports.
Locstatt - Mobile application
4. Automated email with Corrective Action notifications sent to select employees with
User Access

Locstatt - Audits & Inspections
5. Access to a comprehensive Audits Completed Component allowing your Company to review details by Audit, Template, Facilities, Departments, Auditors, Supervisors, Risk levels, etc. Corrective Actions can also be managed by Findings.
Locstatt - Audit Matrix
6. Company wide Compressed Data available in the Audits Matrix displaying trending analysis for Findings, Auditor Comments & Photos etc.

Locstatt - Audits & Inspections
7. Company Performance Overview showing evaluations across all Regions, Branches and Facilities.
Locstatt reports
8. Annual Overview available for Audit & Inspection comparisons on a monthly basis.

Locstatt - Audits & Inspections
9. Ability to see Top Findings per month for all Templates, Vehicles, Equipment etc.
10. Connect to the Goals Module to measure your monthly or annual progress. Are you reaching your Goals by template or facility etc?

Say goodbye to those paper reports, and start to optimize your time and energy with the Locstatt Audits & Inspection App today !

Locstatt provides the process highway to facilitate the actual day to day implementation of your company safety management systems and there is no better example of this than our Audit applications, associated help desk support and the power of compressed data reporting.

As part of our service we take all of your audit or inspection templates, convert them and provide training at no extra charge. This ensures that the latest controlled templates are available to all personnel in your company regardless of devices used such as Windows, Android or iOS, or even if they still want to use paper. Even with paper we will still upload the information for you once received.

What does this mean as related to compressed data? Well imagine taking a standard audit template with say 20 questions and using this 3 times a week, over say 40 different facilities each month.

This would equate to 240 audits or inspections each week on this subject. So, having achieved this, what are these audits telling you as management?

Do you only know that 240 audits were conducted? What were the issues or what are you doing well? Are you still looking at individual audit results or can you proactively see trends or issues?

With Locstatt we can compress all of these 240 audits down to one report. You can globally see all notations against specific audit questions, with associated comments and photos.

You can detect trends as opposed to isolated events. You can see the status of remedial actions or even see right away which questions on the audit template were consistent issues.

The bottom line here is that you are then able to provide the detailed proactive analysis information that company personnel need in order to make better decisions.

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