At Locstatt you have the tools via our Classroom App to launch, deliver and track Job Specific and In-House Training.

To Launch, start by sending us your current PowerPoint, PDF, Word document or videos for conversion, and a list of your instructors.

The Classroom application has three essential elements that can work independently from one another, or as a combined unit for more complex training..

1.Desktop App
Firstly we have the Desktop App where Instructors can log in from a Windows computer. This type of training for local classroom delivery, on a wide screen monitor, can be taken on or offline.
2. Desktop App + Mobile App
Secondly you can combine the Desktop and Mobile App to allow a roomful of students to take tests in real-time. For this type of training, Instructors and students require internet connection to join the class. This then allows Students to answer questions via Wi-Fi on their mobile phones. On top of this, confirmation of knowledge is easy to track because the instructor sees the individual student’s answer in real-time.
3. Web App
Another type of training is via the Classroom Web Application. This gives students the option to take training courses or learn about topics individually in their own time.
4. Mobile App
The Mobile App, just like the Web App also allows Students to receive individual training by themselves. They can then complete and take the test using either a mobile phone or tablet.
5. Desktop App + WEB App
Using the combined Desktop & Web App allows an instructor to train Individual or groups of Students with Virtual Classes. This Virtual Stream can be viewed by remote classes all around the Country allowing the Instructor for each Site to plug into the same content and audio that is being shown on the screen.
6. Desktop App + WEB App + Mobile App
The most advanced Training option is a combination of the Desktop, WEB & Mobile App all rolled into one. This gives you the ability to Train Individuals or groups of Students in real-time with Virtual Classes at different facilities and they can answer tests using the Classroom Mobile App on their mobile phone/tablet.

The use of the Locstatt Classroom typically translates to at least a 70% saving on traditional third party training providers. Plus not only do we include free training for your Instructors to get started, but there is no conversion costs for Training content.

On completion of the training all records are automatically Recorded and Tracked back to the Locstatt reports, dashboards and the Facility Logbook component.

Click here for a comprehensive list of all Classroom Capabilities.