Why is Compressed Data Information so important to safety management and why is Locstatt so focused on this in the design of our systems?

Compressed Safety Data provides you with the information you need in order to do something about it!

Let’s just think about this for a minute.

As safety professionals, we know that lagging indicators are reactive in nature. They measure the effectiveness of a safety program after the facts. Typical lagging indicators include the number of incidents, injuries, days away from work (DAFW), etc.

By contrast, leading indicators are proactive in nature. Locstatt’s compressed data provides true leading indicators and is extremely powerful. I’ll explain the point using a simple analogy: What if…

You went down to your local convenience store, which you use 4 times a week, to purchase some groceries and realized when walking back to your car that you had been short-changed by 50 cents. The information you are working off is your receipt and the change in your pocket. You may decide to go back and query this or just accept the situation as an honest mistake and drive away. You would be managing this situation with the information that you have.

Now say you went home and received a report from your accounting software to say that over the last year you had visited this store 73 times and had been overcharged by different amounts on 42 occasions and this had now mounted up to $125.75 in additional costs.

The information you are working off now is radical to say the least! The same goes for Locstatt’s compressed safety data.

Take a typical industrial workplace

  • No one has been hurt or injured,
  • performance is on track and, in fact you are celebrating over 300 days LTI free.
  • Permit to work (PTW) is in place,
  • JSA’s are being conducted and as far as you can see from a management point of view, everyone is committed to safety and zero is the goal.
Compressed Data Information
You are happy and are reporting your success to upper management. No Issue!

As a manager you are reviewing the Locstatt Company Performance Overview or CPO and are satisfied with what you are seeing. Audits and inspections are being performed as expected, all is good and even as you are looking at this, you mind starts to drift over to some of the other safety initiatives that have been suggested by some of your trusted supervisors. Initiatives such as ‘hand safety’ or ‘fall protection’.

You agree with them and are already starting to think about how you could get this done in your current budget for the year.

You then decide to casually look at the Locstatt compressed data for the last 245 PTW audits and discover that:

  • 67 of the last 245 PTW’s had not been signed off by the site supervisor or person in charge
  • 85 had no JSA’s attached
  • 54 had no copies of the PTW at the worksite
  • 76 had no onsite supervisor available.
Compressed Data Information
With this information you are now sitting “upright” in your chair….

What if you then decided to look at a particular procedure or JSA for a task such as cleaning a tank and discover that:

  • You were doing or had a very good score on all of the expected JSA mitigation measures, up until 60 days ago and then;
  • Out of the last 45 times when you did this task;
  • On 17 occasions the supervisor was not present
  • On 23 occasions whip checks were not used
  • On 15 occasions PPE was not available

You are now given a different set of information. Remember at this point when it comes to cleaning a tank, you feel that all systems are in place due to the fact that you have not had an incident! – Very misleading!

And so, with this new information, you question this, only to discover that about 2 months ago a new supervisor was assigned to this operation. Now you can join the dots and figure out where REAL training is required.

All of a sudden those other safety initiatives around ‘hand safety or ‘fall protection’ are going to take a back seat, just for now, as you have discovered a much bigger exposure that you did not know about before.

Now a very large percentage of the Locstatt compressed data is derived from audits and JSA verifications.

In the case of audits, the compressed data is automatic. Many of our clients however do not fully understand the power of JSA verifications.

Remember that JSA Verifications only take 5 minutes and are typically completed by supervisors, but more importantly it is the ability that Locstatt has to be able to compress this data to accurately show which mitigation measures were consistently used and which were not.

Locstatt - Job Safety Analysis
On seeing this information supervisors quickly noted where they needed to focus JSA discussions. In 100% of cases they appreciated the supply of data as it gave them clear direction and subsequently a clear idea of what needed to be done.