Locstatt’s Development Team delivers one centralized database to dramatically change the way companies interact with information, facilities and contractors. It is heralding a new phase of processing risk, safety, and security management information.

Locstatt Development Team

This was not an easy process and has taken thousands of man-hours and some 15 years to develop as seen in our Timeline

Locstatt is able to easily quantify that its development team has been exposed to, and has defined solutions for, the largest and most complex contractor management systems in the world today.

Our innovation with unique Apps like Classroom & Goals help you to move into a field of your own when it comes to implementing your SMS; also the mobile applications or onsite workstations are simple and easy to use. They are designed to work offline in cases where there is no internet connectivity, with an automatic upload once internet is re-established.

Would you like to know how you can take advantage of the skill and experience of our Development Team?

Our Company Customization and Company Solutions are available on a case by case basis; send us your ideas, your needs and wants. We, in turn, will engage the brain power of our Development Team to discuss if & how we can accommodate your vision.

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