With Locstatt, customer relations starts far in advance of the goods being delivered or the services rendered, and they continue throughout your entire journey with us. The Locstatt Help and Support team is an integral part of helping companies load their information into the system through the initial company setup process, and beyond.

This is attainable thanks to a detailed customization of the system to the client’s projects, facilities, and overall safety management systems.

We carefully set up your company information, employees, training requirements, processes, templates, etc. so that it is readily available in the system once you start.

Our Help and Support team also deliver continual support to companies regarding training on the use of the system. They provide a centralized location to deal with technical issues, run performance reports, and aid in the maintenance and check of safety data.

Locstatt Help & Support team

When Locstatt customers turn to our team for support, the company is given the chance to look at the issues and use information to improve on the quality of the reports, dashboards, and programs. This is vital for our own continual improvement and the quality of the services we provide.

Our team account members have enhanced skills to handle each company as they become experts in the areas and programs each client uses; thereby promoting speedy responses and solutions.

Previous issues are recorded in our own ticket database, so when similar cases arise it is simple to retrieve this information and quickly resolve the issue using the prior solution. If the same problem continues to recur, it will be easy for you to pinpoint what action needs to be taken on site for improvement. Overall this provides continuity between the different communication channels giving an end result of seamless efficiency for everyone involved.

Locstatt Help & Support team

Locstatt Help and Support Team is all about facilitating growth to the companies we work with. The solutions we help provide improve communication and provide the data you need to be smart about the next steps you take.