Let’s face it, in todays world you have time constraints, financial constraints and an ever increasing pressure to not only out perform your competition but to document & prove it.

Advance knowledge is one of the most powerful aspects of any industry, and getting that knowledge up the line to the decision makers in real-time is even more powerful. Access to a harvesting tool that facilitates this instant transfer of knowledge has an enormous effect on overall cost savings & safety.

When it comes to Lessons Learned & Non Conformance Reports (NCR) your harvesting tool needs to be heavy duty yet ultra simple and more importantly integrated with your entire Safety Management System (SMS).

A harvesting tool that is a process highway to facilitate the transfer of real-time information to connected management. Something that enables you to instantly analyze live compressed data and proactively make the right decisions from leading indicators.

Just like our entire suite of integrated Apps, the Locstatt Lessons Learned & NCR module has been carefully designed with the end in mind. Heavy enough to handle a barrage of information, yet simple & intuitive enough for your front-line team to use.

Using the web or mobile application, select your facility, one sentence description, add a few photos then send it up the line.

Distinctive Characteristics include:

Lessons Learned - Mobile app
1. Categorize as Good, Average, Poor, Planned or Unplanned Status and overall Risk.
Locstatt NCR Mobile app
2. Create NCR’s assigned to the root cause (equipment, procedure, personnel etc).
Locstatt Remedial Action Plan
3. Activate the Remedial Action Plan. Review all Lessons Learned & NCR’s, add further comments, relevant documents & photos. Export to PDF or Excel accordingly.
Lessons Learned & NCR app
4. Activate corrective actions with email notifications to appropriate personnel highlighting open or closed status.
Root Cause Categories
5. Highlight the connection between Root Cause and Corrective Action assigned within the NCR.
6. View aggregated compressed data in the Company Performance Overview to make informed decisions.
Locstatt Goals - Lessons Learned
7. Set Monthly Goals with your Team. How many Lessons Learned do you expect per facility per month? Are you on track?

The Locstatt Lessons Learned application, when used as a data harvesting tool, with the associated advanced level of compression and analysis reporting will truly make your Company Best in Class.

Do you have a program with these features? Is it effective?