At Locstatt we call our Workstation App, the ‘Harvesting Tool’, and this is directly related to our Remedial Action Planning or RAP process.

Locstatt’ s central hub for our entire system is our automatic facilitation of simple remedial action planning which, in over 90% of cases, is derived from the following specific Workstation Applications:

Our Remedial Action Plan and the facilitation of this process is without a doubt one of Locstatt’s strongest design aspects. Developed with the end User in mind, our Remedial Action Plan flows automatically from every relative action performed in the system.

Why did we design it this way?

Years of onsite practical experience performing Hazard HuntsAudits and BBS observations, highlighted a major hurdle. Mainly the hurdle of getting that information from the field into a report to initiate the Remedial Action Plan. It is not only labor intensive and time consuming, but also a hinderance to the value of the process. Why double handle information when it can be streamlined?

An efficient and meaningful Remedial Action Plan is essential for proactive solutions. What is the point of performing hundreds of Audits or BBS observations if the information collected is stranded, or worse still, just accumulated on paper to be filed away.

Do you want a tool that makes your Remedial Action Plan automatic? As you walk back to the office a tool that automatically uploads the Reports. In addition to that, a tool that sends the remedial action plan to all relevant management for immediate attention?

The Locstatt system is that tool.