Locstatt offers 8 unique scenarios to not only track your 3rd party training, but to also give you the ability to turn any meeting of any type into a training opportunity and track it.

Imagine having the option to deliver all your in-house training in an efficient and cost-effective manner, in any industrial space, at the coalface, a spare office, a pre-job discussion, or HSE meeting etc.

And imagine having the ability to launch this at any moment, often unplanned, such as at any worksite meeting or interface of any type that involves just a couple of employees or group of 50.

Something that promotes any HSE Meeting or meeting of any type as a Training, Feedback, Action Item, and Reporting Opportunity all rolled into one.

This is now achievable with our 8 Training scenarios:

This is designed to help employees perform online training in their own time. Training is taken using the classroom mobile app or on the website, Locstatt.net


Classroom Application – iOS & Android Devices and https://classroom.locstatt.net

Main features

  1. Each company has access to their own course library, comprised of videos, PPTs or PDFs.
  2. Tests are available at the end of each course or between each slide; whichever is applicable.
  3. Students take the training using the mobile app or the website.
  4. Students can review their personal training history and required training by job position status.
  5. All training records are immediately available within the Locstatt Training Reports.

This is designed to help instructors train a group of on-site employees. The training content is viewed via monitor or TV connected to a laptop at any convenient location.


Classroom Desktop Application – Windows devices.

Main features

  1. Instructors can create a library of courses containing the training documents or videos.
  2. Instructors can train employees on-site in online or offline mode.
  3. Instructors can create a new temporary ID for employees that are not showing in the Locstatt system.
  4. Students can join the class sessions using the classroom mobile app and they can take tests in real-time when an Internet connection is available.
  5. All the training records are immediately accessible within the Locstatt Training Reports.
  6. The Classroom Desktop app offers a lot of innovative options, like virtual classes etc.

A Quick Class is designed to help instructors or supervisors train any group of employees, anywhere, anytime, on any subject using a mobile device (cell phone or tablet) or simply on paper when devices are prohibited.


Classroom Application – iOS & Android Devices   

Main features

  1. Instructors can create courses, by selecting, “Instructor Documents”. This option allows them to upload PDFs or videos from their company training list within Locstatt.net. These can then be saved in the mobile application for a later training session, or to be printed if needed.
  2. Courses are available in the Classroom app under Quick Class to train employees; which in turn becomes an important resource for documenting training.
  3. Instructors can take photos and add final comments at the end of each class if required.
  4. All the training records are auto saved in real-time and become immediately available within the Locstatt Training reports.
  5. Use a simple set of company approved instructor notes to cover essential training content whenever the opportunity arises. No PPT type presentation, just a supervisor working directly from a set of controlled notes (paper or electronic).

This is designed to help instructors or supervisors create Safety Meetings with training topics and documents that are scheduled in advance for daily, weekly or monthly attendance.


Workstation App – iOS & Android Devices   

Main features

  1. Supervisors can create courses with specific safety topics. Each course with documents attached can be scheduled in advance for a defined period of your choice (weekly, monthly etc).
  2. Courses can be linked to specific HSE meeting types.
  3. A meeting can be saved using a specific course. All employees who attended the meeting will have their training and participation automatically recorded.
  4. Supervisors can take photos in the meeting and add them as needed.
  5. The signature of each participant will be automatically linked to each employee who attended the meeting / training session.

The post training component allows instructors or supervisors to save training records from prior weeks, months or even years.


Workstation App – iOS & Android Devices and Web component inside locstatt.net    

Main features

  1. Supervisors can select courses from the main library to save training records for any employee in the company.
  2. Each Employee added to the training can be saved using either the expiration or course taken date.
  3. All post training records are auto-saved in real-time and are immediately available within the Locstatt Training Reports.

CSV or Excel files, sent in a specific format, are used to help your company track 3rd party training records. Our help & support department can receive and implement large lists of training records via email. This training is then available for review within your Locstatt Reports section.

Main features

  1. Firstly, decide how often you require the CSV file to auto-sync via email to our Help & Support. This can be done manually via email, or automatically via your IT department set-up.
  2. Once received, your 3rd party records will be saved in the system ready for review by personnel with User access within the Locstatt Training Reports.

Please Note:

CSV files need to be generated within exact specifications  defined by the Locstatt system.

Most companies use multiple training providers. Locstatt offers the  opportunity to integrate these training records via an Application Programming Interface  or API (assuming your 3rd party provider supports this feature).

Main features

  1. Multiple APIs have the benefit of aggregating ALL your company training records in one place: LOCSTATT. 
  2. This is a huge advantage when trying to review the training history of one or multiple employees across the board.
  3. The Training records are available in all areas of the system that need to validate training records; for example, the Facility Logbook.
  4. The Locstatt System is designed to incorporate all data, with no stranded technology.

Even though most companies upload their training directly via the multiple options available within the system, sometimes a client has a paper record that needs to be uploaded manually. On these rare occasions, you can scan and email the paper copy to our Help & Support Team to be dealt with as appropriate. The turn-around time for manually loaded training records will depend on the number and format received. 

Below you will see a simple Matrix covering all 8 scenarios; where they can be accessed, and what they will cost. For further clarification please contact operations@locstatt.com