Why choose us? Now that’s the million dollar question; how on earth ‘do’ you decide which HSE System to choose in today’s market?

Navigating the evolving universe of HSE mobile applications is no easy task. There are so many so called ‘safety solutions’ out there all with different features and promises, together with an overwhelming amount of information.

How do you even ‘begin’ to narrow it down? How is it even possible to know if you’re comparing apples with apples?

You need to begin with the end in mind.

Ultimately what is your goal with this implementation? What is your starting point? What sort of learning curve will your front line team be facing?

Locstatt - Why choose us?
  • Are you positioned to effectively teach your team how to start using this new technology efficiently?

I think at this point, if you are honest with yourself, you will realize that what you really need is help from a professional team with a heavy duty HSE mobile application. A team that understands Global operations and the hurdles around implementation, as opposed to a sales team.

Are you simply looking for an Audit App, or for something that will encompass your entire Company SMS? What if you ‘think’ you only need audits, then 6 months or a year down the track you realize you also want Incidents, and then BBS?

Have you initially chosen a product that can only deliver Audits; it was cheap, but now how do you integrate it? Ok so now you have one App that takes care of Audits, and another that takes care of BBS? They don’t talk to one another, and now you want to track your Training…?

What happens when you’ve started with one App, got your front line team trained and using the new system, only to realize it’s not as feature rich as you thought, and it’s stranded technology. Back to the drawing board…!

Have you considered how your Company as a Contractor is viewed when bidding for a job? What Company Performance Overview (CPO) reports can you show to the Owner Company or Client?

They may ask how many incidents you’ve had over the last 2 years, are your people fully trained, are you proactive in setting Goals, do you have a good history of tracking Audits and Behavioral Based Safety? Your Company may well be ahead of the game, and do all of these things, but how can you prove it?

What if you give them just a jaw dropping experience right here? Pull out your tablet, open your Company Performance Overview Report, and with a few simple clicks display your entire Company aggregated compressed data covering:

Locstatt Audits & Inspections
Audits & Inspections
Locstatt Hazard Hunts
Hazard Hunts
Locstatt Meetings
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Locstatt BBS Observations
BBS Observations
Locstatt Safety Meetings
HSE/ safety Meetings
Locstatt Logbook -why choose us?
Facility Logbook
Locstatt Incidents
Locstatt Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned
Locstatt Actions Items- Why Choose us?
Locstatt Action Items

Our long term client partners now do this on a regular basis when tendering for a contract.

Cost vs Value

How is this defined when you are looking at the actual implementation of your HSE systems?

Do you interpret this as the actual monthly cost of the App or the value of being totally organized together with the information and trending analysis that the App is providing; information that you would never have had before and that now enables you to make better management decisions?

Locstatt - Why choose us?

Why choose us? 

  • What about the value of picking up those bigger long term contracts, or the cost of missing out because you’re competing with the Best in Class.
  • Do ‘you’ want to be Best in Class; or perhaps you already consider yourself Best in Class? If so what does your SMS look like?
  • What is your track record? How can you prove this?
  • Is your Company continually recognized due to your ability to show your track record with genuine live compressed data via the Company Performance Overview? Or are you always chasing lagging indicators such as LTI’s?

We’ve been helping companies become Best in Class since 2008, and our retention rate of companies that partner with us is over 90%; that’s an incredible record.

The simple truth of it is that we don’t just sell you a product, we become an integral part of helping you implement your entire SMS. We do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is feed the hopper; we’ll train your team on how to get the data into the System, then let Locstatt sort it, file it, compress it and present it…just like that!

Our company philosophy has always been to let the product speak for itself!

We don’t waste money on extravagant advertising campaigns or roadshows, we simply focus on the four main pillars of Locstatt; the mobile work stations/onsite harvesting tools, advanced level of help & support, detailed web analysis and reporting, and last but not least a powerful development team. When you’ve got a rock solid foundation you can support anything.