About us

In the safety world experienced and trained managers all know the time tested Deming Model of Continually Improving, in a Methodical Way. What we do at Locstatt is to facilitate, in the mobile application and support world, the actual practical implementation of this process.

The entire design of the Locstatt system

has been based on the efficiency of the cycle and the ability to implement change that is based on sound decisions as opposed to opinion. In other words we provide, based on a proven methodology, the real time information that your management need in order to systematically test possible solutions, assess the results, and implementing the ones that are shown to work.

About the Founder

Hi, my name is Bryce Donaldson, and with over 35 years in the industry working from the coalface backwards I can safely say that we have built probably one of the most robust and user friendly systems in the world when it comes to harvesting HSSE data.

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Historical Timeline

The Locstatt health, safety, security and environmental application designs have withstood the test of time.

There are specific sound reasons why the entire system from development engineering to mobile applications and finally web compression reporting, functions the way it does.

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Why Choose us?

Now that’s the million dollar question; how on earth ‘do’ you decide which HSE System to choose in today’s market?

Navigating the evolving universe of HSE mobile applications is no easy task. There are so many so called ‘safety solutions’ out there all with different features and promises, together with an overwhelming amount of information.

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Check out our Timeline of Historical Newsletters and Software Updates below

At Locstatt, our company philosophy has always been to let the product speak for itself!

We offer you critical support from a heavy duty HSE mobile application, and a professional team that understands Global operations and the hurdles around implementation. Something that is simple enough for your front-line team to use, yet powerful enough to handle any situation, anywhere, anytime.

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We have a client driven scoresheet on this. We know what we are doing and we are very good at doing exactly this!

4 Pillars of Locstatt

The Locstatt System delivers cutting edge technological solutions and mobile applications. Solutions that change the way…

Remedial Action Plan

Remedial Action Plan

At Locstatt we call our Workstation App, the ‘Harvesting Tool’, and this is directly related to…

Compressed Data Information

Why is Compressed Data Information so important to safety management and why is Locstatt so focused…

Locstatt Classroom Application

At Locstatt you have the tools via our Classroom App to launch, deliver and track Job Specific and In-House Training. To Launch, start by sending us your current PowerPoint, PDF, Word document or videos for conversion, and a list of your instructors.

Our Best Quality Services

Development Team

Locstatt’s Development Team delivers one centralized database to dramatically change the way companies interact with information,…

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Help & Support Department

With Locstatt, customer relations starts far in advance of the goods being delivered or the services…

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Company Customization & Solutions

Place your company at the for-front of the competition with our highly valued Company Customization supported by our…

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Our Strategy

Easy-to-use technology that won’t leave operators or contractors stranded. We provide the tools that will make the job of safety verification easier and faster, no matter who’s using it and no matter what data needs to be integrated. Before today, safety documentation has been spread out amongst users, computers, and file folders in remote locations. Locstatt can take all this documentation, digitize it, and put it in one secure offsite location, to be made available at the point where the data is required, offline and online, anywhere, anytime. Throughout this process, contractors maintain control of their data as it is never hosted on an Operators server or systems.

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