How effective is your Company’s Incident Reporting and Investigation? Is this process even valued or encouraged, or does your management simply want to eliminate all incidents where possible? On those occasions when you do put a report together, is it usually time consuming and laborious.

At Locstatt we understand the value of Incidents as “learning opportunities”

The paradigm shift from Incident problems to Incident learning is a vital first step to cultivate a Company Philosophy of active reporting.

Once you’ve discovered the power your Company can gain from active reporting and learning opportunities you are going to need the right tool for the job. A tool that has the ability to gather vital field data in a quick and efficient manner without impeding your other daily tasks.

Incident Reporting

More importantly a tool that follows a clear and predictable format gathering the information…something simple;

  • First open the mobile app .
  • Second add description lines and photos.
  • Include Risk Level, Incident Type & Type of Work.
  • Next hit ‘Save’.
  • Instant email notification is sent to User Access personnel.
  • And Corrective Action commences.

What could be simpler than that?

Distinctive Characteristics include:

Locstat Mobile application
1. Ability to define your Company’s own Incident Type, Work Type, Broad Type Incidents and Document Type.

2. Specify your Company’s Root cause categories and contributing factors determined via common descriptions.

3. Instantly assign Corrective Actions based on your Root Cause categories.

Incidents Email Notifications
4. Automatically notify select upper management personnel with User Access via email.
Locstatt Mobile Application
5. Add further vital documents or photographs using the web or mobile application.

Incidents recordable Cases and Incident Costs
6. Link Safety Flash Alerts and manage Incidents Cost or Recordable/ Injured Cases with all required documentation
. Add or export PDF and Excel files where applicable.
Man Hours Per Facility
7. Aggregate and view your Company Compressed Data to show Man Hours per Facility, to compare with OSHA TRI
on an annual or monthly basis.

Locstatt Reports
8. Trending analysis available for recorded and injury information where applicable.
Incidents Reports
9. The Incident Report and all associated incident reporting, dashboards, graphs and analysis is aggregated and automatically compressed; available via the Company Performance Overview. The ability to capture a simple Company wide snapshot is vital for making proactive informed decisions.

The Locstatt Incident reporting Module really takes things to the next level.