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What is Locstatt?

The word locstat is military terminology meaning ‘Location State’. In short – it means, ‘what is your location and what is your situation?’

Simple Terms: What is going on?

In the safety world experienced and trained managers all know the time tested Deming Model of Continually Improving, in a Methodical Way.

Plan – Do – Check – Feedback or Act

What we do at Locstatt is to facilitate, in the mobile application and support world, the actual practical implementation of this process.

The Entire Design of the Locstatt system has been based on the efficiency of the cycle and the ability to implement change that is based on sound decisions as opposed to opinion.

In other words we provide, based on a proven methodology, the real time information that your management need in order to systematically test possible solutions, assess the results, and implementing the ones that are shown to work.

We’ve been helping companies become Best in Class since 2008, and our retention rate of companies that partner with us is over 90%; that’s an incredible record.

The simple truth of it is that we don’t just sell you a product, we become an integral part of helping you implement your entire SMS. We do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is feed the hopper; we’ll train your team on how to get the data into the System, then let Locstatt sort it, file it, compress it and present it…just like that!

As we saw more and more of our time tested clients experience this we decided to build an app to track this and called it… What is Your Locstatt?