How effective is the delivery of training within your organization? How do you know?

As part of our Training Solutions, Locstatt provides an essential element to enhance and pin-point your Training Schedule, and how it is performing – Training Reports.

All your training courses, delivered online, via instructor, or 3rd party, can be viewed via an extensive series of unique compressed reporting features.

1. The Competency Check Matrix is an extremely powerful tool. It gives you the ability to see the level of training compliance Company wide. You can crosscheck your clients, departments, job positions, regions, facilities and customize groups of employees all under one tab.

Training Check
Training Reports
2. The Web Application offers a huge array of Compressed Data for your Training Reports and statistics by Course, Facilities, Expiration Warnings, Classes by Instructors, etc
email notifications -Training Solutions
3. Supervisors receive Weekly and Monthly Email Notifications so they can monitor not only Training taken through the week, but also upcoming monthly expirations.
Training Solutions
4. Companies can specify their own list of Instructors and Training providers. These names will be available to record post trainings, or for training with the Classroom Application.
Training Solutions
5. Instructors or Safety Managers can use the Web and Mobile App to complete post trainings for any group of employees. You can save training records from In-House training via the Classroom or from external providers.
Training Solutions
6. Companies can create their own list of In-House Training including all features. Also, each course can have their equivalent training listed for cross reference.
Facility Logbook & classroom
7. You can specify Required Training for each Job Position or Facility. The Facility Logbook component can then be used at any worksite entrance to crosscheck your employees’ training compliance.
8. You can upload your entire suite of employee Training Certificates into the Locstatt System and locate them in most of the Training Report sections; search by Course, Training History, Training Matrix, Employee Name, Expiration Date, or Facility.

Classroom Reports

Classroom 3.0 is used as an extension of our Training Module. The Classroom offers unique reports highlighting invaluable information covering your facilities, courses and employees..

Let’s take a look at what this means for your company:

Training Solutions
1. You can now easily see all classes given by every instructor across each facility.
2. You can also check employee attendance and specifically which tests they have taken.
3. It also enables you to compare the average time spent per instructor per class, grouped by course. Which in turn allows you to evaluate if your instructors are investing sufficient time on each course.
Training Solutions
4. Supervisors and Instructors can review employee’s training records using the web or mobile application.
Competeny Check
5. The classroom matrix can be generated from the classes delivered by your instructors, or from your online training.

On top of that, you can see if your employees are answering the test correctly, and pin-point which questions or topics are more problematic.

Classroom 3.0 has helped multiple industries across the world train their employees anywhere, anytime. Let us help your Company do the same.