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Support Centre

Locstatt offers Best-in-class technologies, backed up by a world-class team, delivering unrivalled customer service, and our Support Centre is the central cog in this wheel.

Our focussed customer attention starts on day 1 and continues throughout your entire journey with the Locstatt System. Our goal is not just to sign a contract, but to build a solid ethical partnership keeping your Company at the forefront of the competition.

The Locstatt Help and Support team takes you through an initial company setup process and helps load all relevant information into the system. This is an integral part of getting your company started with the detailed customization needed on the base layer, including your projects, facilities, and overall Safety Management System.

Support centre

Everything from employees, training requirements, processes, & templates are carefully loaded, making them available across the entire system.

Our Help and Support team also deliver continual support to companies regarding training on the use of the system. They provide a centralized location to deal with technical issues, run performance reports, and aid in the maintenance and cross-check of safety data.

When Locstatt customers turn to our team for support, we look at the issues and constantly evaluate to improve the quality of reports, dashboards, and programs. This constant evaluation is vital for our own continued improvement and the quality of the service we provide.

Locstatt Help and Support team

Our specialised agents use their enhanced skills to handle each company on an individual basis promoting speedy responses and simple solutions. And our carefully labelled database of prior ticket items allows for quick resolutions of similar issues. Overall, this provides seamless communication between client and support and allows for immediate on-site improvements.