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Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has questions when researching a new product. Our Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ’s) covers not only the usual Pricing questions, but also everything from, ‘What is my return on investment?’ to ‘What happens to my personal data?’.

Is there a Free trial?

Yes – There is a 1-month Free Trial for a Plan of your choice. This includes access for an unlimited number of Users

What is my Company’s return on investment (ROI)?

A Locstatt client on a drilling facility, recently performed a return on investment or ROI calculation for the Locstatt process simply based on the cost of personnel resource savings. The results were overwhelming as detailed HERE

What is your charge for Company Size?

The Basic Plan is $12 per User, per month. Professional is $18 per User, per month. Enterprise is POA. All plans have an applicable discount as your Company Size grows, plus a further discount for annual payment in advance. Contact [email protected] to discuss your discount.

How do you determine the Company Size?

Every employee that receives a Locstatt ID is considered a User, and this makes up the Company Size.

Do you offer any type of Discount?

Yes. Clients paying annually in advance, will receive a discount, plus all Companies with over 150 Users will receive a variable discount. Plus, we often have various discounts for new Companies on their initial contract, so contact [email protected] to discuss your discount.

What does User Access mean?

All Employees with a Locstatt ID have User Access with a Username and Password connected to a Company email and have Access to the Locstatt System.

Are there different levels of User Access?

Yes. User Access can be customized for all individual employees. Access can be set to simply perform a BBS, or Audit, right up to the top level of viewing the entire Company Performance Overview. You decide what level of User Access you would like to open for each individual Active Employee. More information can be found here

If we start on one Plan, can we upgrade or downgrade to a different Plan?

Yes. Within the first 12-month contract, you can upgrade to the next plan at any time, and the costing will be adjusted accordingly. However, you can only downgrade your plan at the end of the first 12 months (with 30 days advance notice). If you then renew on the 30 day auto-renew with no additional discount applied, you can change plan at any time (up or down) with 30 days’ notice. If you renew on the annual plan with discount, you can only downgrade at the end of the current 12-month term (with 30 days’ notice).

Are we locked into a term contract?

All new contracts are for an initial 12-month period. Then you have the choice of a rolling monthly auto-renew contract, or, for clients wanting an additional annual discount they will continue with a renewable 12-month term.

Can I use the Locstatt System as a single Consultant?

Yes. However, all plans have a starting monthly cost of $100, so we always give Consultants access to the full Enterprise package covering the entire SMS.

Can I Pay by Credit or Debit card?

YES, we only accept these types of payment; ACH, Wire, or by Credit Card. Locstatt covers the 2.9% convenience fee for credit card payments for all Companies on 10-day terms.

What happens if we want to cancel?

After your initial 12-month term, for client enrolled in the 30 auto-renew program, you simply email [email protected] and give us 30 days’ notice; this is all that is required to close your account. For clients with an annual account including the applied discount, you can cancel with 30 days’ notice at the end of your 12-month term.

Do I pay for training my team on how to use Locstatt?

No. The initial Company set-up and Training on individual modules is included in your monthly User cost. After set-up the Basic Plan receives additional training for up to three hours per month every month. The Professional Plan receives additional training for up to 5 hours per month every month. The Enterprise Plan receives additional training as required depending on company size.

What if it’s too expensive for our budget ?

There is a big difference between, an expense and an investment. A good investment prevents a subsequent expense. Systems that encourage safety reporting, simplify administration, and help you see patterns, can be invaluable in reducing an accident, and thereby reducing your expense.

According to OSHA, one workplace injury costs $36,000 on average (and may cost more indirectly) so systems like this make sense from safety and financial perspectives. Finding ways to maintain awareness of safety issues is a perfect way to remain vigilant and improve safety in your operations.

I like it, but I’m not sure whether it’s the right product for us?

No worries. Our product is unique, addressing challenges of real business users. Locstatt is a heavy-duty industrial application, it was designed with the front-line workers in mind, so it is simple enough for non-technical people to use, but robust enough to provide enterprise quality results. Arrange for a custom demo and try the 1 month Free trial to get a feel for the basics.

Are any parts of the Locstatt System stranded?

NO. One of the beauties of our system is the complete integration of every module, allowing for Real Time data compression and live reports showing leading indicators as seen in the Company Performance Overview. The more modules you use the bigger the picture, and the clearer your Company’s strengths and weaknesses will become.

Whenever I perform an Audit, BBS observation, Hazard Hunt, Incident, Lessons Learned, etc I want the report to automatically upload and have the remedial action report automatically sent to selected management; can the Locstatt System do this?

YES, you are in complete control of when & how reports are emailed, and to whom they are sent within your Company. Information, once gathered, should be accessible and actionable. If you can’t easily use it, why would you collect it?

Is the Locstatt System easy to use?

YES. Even though Locstatt is a heavy duty industrial application capable of dealing with company sizes anywhere from 10 to 100,000 Active Employees, it was designed with the front line workers in mind, it is simple enough for non-technical people to use, but robust enough to provide enterprise quality results.

Do I need specific hardware or specialized IT experts to run and install the Locstatt System?

NO, just the smartphones you always carry – or the computer on your desk, or your tablet. There isn’t anything to maintain or buy. Locstatt’s mobile app will work on any up to date Apple or Android mobile device, typical smartphones or tablets.  Its back-end manager portal works on any browser and can be accessed from any computer or tablet.

How do I reset my password for User Access?

You can reset your password using the web or mobile app or Email [email protected] , our Help team will send out a reminder to your registered Company email.

What if I already have an Audit & Inspections package?

You’re ahead of the game if you do. Here are some things for you to consider:

  • Is your current system stranded technology, or does it integrate automatically with your entire Safety Management System?
  • Is the system you use today easy for your employees to use? Do they actually use it?
  • Does the system you use today create an electronic report of the results, including inspection fails, action items and resolutions?
  • Can inspectors send requests from the field to people for help getting inspection fails resolved quickly?
  • Does the system eliminate double handling text entry and paperwork?
We are already using a system for reporting incidents and close calls; what does Locstatt’s package bring to the table?

That’s great, you’re ahead of the bulk of companies who still use paper forms – but there are some factors to consider:

  • Is your current system stranded technology, or does it integrate automatically with your entire Safety Management System?
  • Can you customize the reporting categories such as root cause analysis etc?  
  • Is your system easy for your employees; are they actually using it?
  • Are all accidents and injuries being reported? When they are reported, do you receive them in real time?.
  • Do you think you are getting reports of all incidents and close calls in real time, or close to it?
  • Does your current system automate regulatory reporting such as that required by OSHA?These are some features that make Locstatt a popular choice for safety professionals across many industries
How do companies use Locstatt’s BBS reporting to truly improve?

By reporting substandard conditions from the field safety professionals can act quickly to remedy dangerous situations and the ability to make suggestions show an appreciation for worker feedback logs that creates a way to collect those ideas for evaluation and action.

What makes Locstatt’s analytic dashboard so valuable?

Most companies collect information about operations, incidents and close calls that have occurred at their facilities, but many have no easy way to compress and understand that information. The Locstatt analytic dashboard provides a fast integrated way to view large amounts of data that helps identify patterns of behavior or even situations that have not necessarily resulted in problems to date. This allows you take proactive action in addressing areas of concern before they manifest into problems.

What if our company doesn’t permit cell phones on the factory floor or on the job site ?

Occasionally we see that. Most Companies usually overcome this hurdle by placing workstations strategically around the work area/tea room for use by any worker. Generally the Locstatt solution has a flexible architecture that can adapt to most deployment needs .

What if I lose internet connectivity while performing an audit or inspection?

You can continue to complete the Audit or BBS or whatever action you were performing. Your information will be saved, and when your device re-establishes connection to the internet, it will be automatically uploaded to the system.

We use multiple 3rd party training providers; do you offer API integrations?

YES. If your 3rd party providers offer an API service, we can facilitate the integration thereby pulling all your Company Data into one System – Locstatt.

How much do you charge for an API integration?

Each API is priced on an individual basis. Some Application Programming Interfaces’ are included in your User monthly charge, but some will trigger an extra charge. Contact [email protected] for further details.

With the Classroom/Training App, can I deliver our in-house training to multiple facilities simultaneously?

YES you can. Whether your facilities are just spread around Texas, across the whole of the USA, or in different parts of the World you can train multiple employees at multiple locations all at the same time.

Do I pay to have our current In-House Training converted and uploaded into Locstatt?

NO, it’s all part of the Customization Service. Send us your MP4 videos, Power Point presentations, or Word Docs, and we will convert and upload the content ready for your first Training session all free of charge.

Can I Save my Signature?

YES. You can save a copy of your electronic signature for use at HSE Meetings, Training sessions, and completed Audits etc. This saves a lot of time and streamlines your morning meetings.

The signature is optional, not Mandatory.

Do you provide a Digital Time & Date Stamp for training modules?


How do we have proof of each person taking a course?

Your employees will have a unique Username & Password to log in for each course or Training session. Plus the Locstatt system saves the Location address and device type where the user is taking the training.

Will our instructors have the ability to confirm knowledge transfer?

YES. While a course is in progress, your instructors have the ability to see in real-time the individual answers each participant chooses. This enables them to pause the session and re-iterate a certain point where needed, or to help an individual person accordingly.

Is there a feature to crosscheck training taken/expired/close to expiration?

YES. The Training Matrix clearly shows the Status of all Company Training. The Locstatt system also sends monthly email notifications highlighting employees that have courses due to expire the following Month.

Do I have the ability to check Training Status by course/employee/facility entrance requirements?

YES. Training can be viewed in the Training Matrix and be checked by employee, course, date, or facility. You can quickly and easily see who has what training, when they took it, and when it is going to expire. Also you can work with the Facility Logbook application to see people on site and their training status.

Is the Classroom & Training App integrated with my SMS?

YES. All in-house training is automatically recorded and tracked back to the Locstatt dashboards. Additionally all third party Training can also be uploaded and integrated into the system.

Do I need to purchase additional equipment to perform the In-House Training via the Classroom App?

NO. Classroom training can be performed on an individuals mobile phone via WiFi, or in front of a large group on any TV screen or Monitor connected to a Windows/apple computer.

Is it possible to store our Company Training Certificates in the System?

YES. The Enterprise plan allows you to upload and store as many Training Certificates as you like in PDF, JPEG or PNG format

What does the Company Customization cover?

Company customization starts at day one with the conversion of Power Point, Word & PDF Training content, including Training requirements, Employee Training records; uploading of Audit & Inspection content & form conversion including Vehicle & Equipment Lists, BBS categories and subcategories, Incident types, Root Cause categories, JSA’s; data maintenance, curation, and update of company information including, Employee list, Facility and Locations, Department and Job Positions & Clients; Risk Matrix.

How much customization will you complete free of charge?

All initial Company Set-up as explained above, is free of charge. Further customization is performed on a case-by-case basis at our discretion and, depending on the nature and size of the customization required, will be performed free of charge or by a signed and mutually agreed price.

Do we get to pick and choose which Modules we want to use?

Yes. Depending on which Plan you choose, the available modules will vary. You can choose to work with one, or all modules included in your Plan. A comprehensive list can be found  here.

What happens to my personal data?

Personal data will be collected, processed and used by Locstatt for the purpose of providing the Service and to facilitate transactions that Customer enter into with Locstatt through the Service. Personal data will not be used for marketing purposes and will not be disclosed to any third parties (including advertisers and suppliers). All Customer information will be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third-party without the express written consent of Customer.

What sort of Support do I get when I get stuck?

Depending on which Plan you choose, our Help & Support Team is available via instant chat line, email [email protected] or phone line +1 (281) 886-0829 from 6am to 6pm CDT .

Can I delete my personal data?

Disposal of Data is not automated. Data will be deleted within 24hrs of direct request from Customer. This deletion will be confirmed and warranted in writing that Locstatt has returned, deleted, or destroyed all copies of Company Data.

Still got a question that’s not listed? Contact us Here and we’ll be happy to answer.