HSE/ Safety Meetings

HSE/ safety Meetings play a vital part in implementing your Company’s Safety Management System. Even more vital is the actual documentation and record keeping for these meetings. However evidence shows that this is where things slide into an administrative nightmare.

From experience this is how your average HSE Meeting progresses;

  • Attendance form handed around;
  • Employees add names & sign in;
  • Topic discussed; Meeting ends;
  • You add comments related to training given; Action items put forward;
  • Document scanned for emailing, or file safely away in the office cabinet…

As an on-site manager, with limited resources, wouldn’t it be great if there was an electronic system that…

  • Not only saved time but was also integrated with your entire SMS.
  • Promoted the HSE Meeting as a – training, feedback, action, reporting opportunity all rolled into one.
  • Supported HSE Meetings with scheduled documents throughout the year.
  • Offered a clear pathway for transparent communication between all levels of your organization.

These are the key reasons why we decided to create the Locstatt HSE Meeting module to facilitate this entire process electronically.

Distinctive Characteristics include:

Workstation App
1. Define your Company’s list of HSE Meeting Types according to daily or monthly activities across all sites & facilities.
Workstation App
2. Log into the web and 
mobile application with your unique Management User Access to create HSE Meetings. Add/delete participants, add comments, documents & photos, etc

Workstation App
3. Store an electronic copy of employee signatures via the Workstation app. Enable automatic name and signature selection to record Meeting participation.
Locstatt Reports -HSE/ Safety Meetings
4. Easily review past Safety Meetings and participants using the web system. Export as PDFs or Excel Files for seamless email notification

Locstatt Safety Meetings Reports -HSE/ Safety Meetings
5. Automate weekly email reports to nominated personnel summarizing the weeks HSE Meeting contents. Use the HSE Meeting Reports for Trending Analysis each Month.
Workstation App
6. Review your weekly email summary reports on either web or mobile, and have them available for Meeting presentations in both PPT & PDF.

HSE/ Safety Meetings - Company Performance Overview
7. Take advantage of the Annual Overview via your Company Performance Overview Report for Trending Analysis by Facility or Meeting.
Locstatt Goals
8. Set monthly/weekly Goals defining the number & type of Safety Meetings you expect to accomplish by site or facility.
9. The HSE Meetings Pro allows an advance level of HSE Meeting with scheduled documents throughout the year. Decide in advance what you need to cover for the month, quarter, or year, and schedule those documents to be available as pdf or electronic format, by date. Never miss an HSE topic again.
10. Your Library of HSE Meeting topics can be created from a multitude of different files like YouTube, Vimeo, PDFs, PPTs etc. This gives you the ability to customize an unlimited number of courses covering every aspect of your training requirements throughout the year.