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Why is it indispensable for your Company?

Why is the new Locstatt Recognition program a powerful tool for reviewing all HSE activity, and why is it indispensable for your Company?

As a team member, no matter what level, it is fundamental to identify people who are committed to, not only their safety, but also to the safety of those around them. Recognizing people who meet or exceed safety expectations helps your workforce see that they are valued. It also helps them understand that their Company not only values them as an individual, but also values their contribution towards the safety & success of their whole team.

You can’t build a strong, sustainable safety culture if you don’t know who exhibits safe behaviors.”

A good strong employee recognition program is the cornerstone of effective leadership because the only thing that determines your culture is the people.

1. The Customization

The list of Kudos & Skills linked to feedback can be fine-tuned & customized to fit your organization’s goals. Or simply select and edit the extensive default list already provided to get started.

2. Teams

Each supervisor or manager can create their own groups or teams to work with. This helps you to stay focused in specific areas of your organization, and simplifies the supervision, recognition, and motivation of select small groups.

3. Encourage Exceptional Performance

Recognizing employees for a job well done, or highlighting exceptional contributions from your team, helps to keep everyone motivated & engaged.
The new Kudos and Feedback option will go a long way to support the Company goals & vision. It will also encourage your employees to stay with the Company and contribute to its growth. This is crucial because not only is top talent hard to come by, but it’s also expensive to, recruit, hire, & then train.

4. Empower Employees to Recognize their Skills

The new recognition program allows you to send Feedback linked to Specific Skills. Encouraging and empowering Employees based on their skill level, is an excellent way to spur them on to gain more experience in the field or their area of expertise within the organization. Everybody likes to feel appreciated especially if you highlight specific contributions from specific employees.

Locstatt Recognition Program
Locstatt Recognition Program

5. Improve your Internal Programs

The recognition program is also ideally set up to boost and support your Company’s own internal programs. For example, if you have your own programs focussing on Sustainability, or Mental Health etc. it is easy to tie the feedback and scoring into these programs you are already running to incentivise and motivate your employees’ company wide.

6. Review the Weekly or Monthly HSE Activity

This program shows a complete overview of the Locstatt activity, including employee evaluations, feedback, & kudos, all in one central place. So, now it’s easier than ever to review your employees’ overall daily input, and whether they have been working as expected. It will give you the numbers of every Audit, Employee Evaluations, BBS observation, Hazard Hunts, Training Records, HSE meeting participation, Lessons Learned, or Incident they have been involved in, and allows you to send immediate feedback with reward points.

Locstatt Recognition Program

7. Achievement Levels

This is your Hall of Fame! The new “Achievement Level” tab displays the top 5, 10, 20 (etc) employees ranked by total points. It also displays a complete summary of skills, employee evaluations and Locstatt activity within any date range chosen. This will undoubtedly become one of the favorite go-to areas in the System for you & your employees to check their ranking.

8. The Overview

The Overview tab displays a simple but useful dashboard highlighting which teams display the strongest skills, and in what area. You will be able to review all feedback and kudos accrued, and determine which ones are linked to members of the teams under your own supervision.

Locstatt Recognition Program

9. Communication with Team Members

Only supervisors or managers can share feedback or kudos to their teams, but all employees are able to review these details in the “My Locstatt” component. Here they can see the entire list of feedback, Kudos, and points received, plus each employee can leave comments for their supervisor, and vice versa. This is a great way to strike up a conversation between supervisors and employees that will be saved in the system to refer to at any time. The program also sends email notifications to any employee that has just received some feedback or kudos.

There are many ways to use this New Recognition Program and we’re excited about helping our clients by offering this new tool within the Locstatt System to improve the Safety Culture of every organization.