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About the Team

Locstatt offers Best-in-Class technologies, backed up by a world-class team, delivering unrivalled customer service, and we’ve been helping companies become Best-in-Class since 2008. The truth is, we don’t just sell a product, we become an integral part of helping you implement your entire Safety Management System.

This has been achieved by cementing a unique combination of a first-class development team, dedicated support team, and unrivalled knowledge gained over a lifetime of experience at the coalface.

The initial idea for the Locstatt design originated back in the late 80’s on the tail-end of the tragic Piper Alpha disaster. The founder, Bryce Donaldson could clearly see a need in the industry for a change in the way safety in the workplace was implemented. And after many years, working from the coalface backwards, his idea has developed into one of most robust & user friendly HSSE data harvesting systems in the world.

With his unique ability to keep his hands dirty and his ears and eyes to the ground, constantly experiencing & evaluating what the average safety supervisor faced, he was able to provide practical safety solutions.  His knowledge & understanding about the realistic situations that both operator & contractor on the ground faced on a daily basis in real time, helped him design an industry changing solution that could be integrated with your entire Safety Management System.

By 2006 he was able to gather, and lead, a group of world class safety, security, database, IT, and support desk professionals for the next stage of the design solution. This was shortly followed by the incorporation of Locstatt LLC in 2008.

Today, Locstatt is supported a group of highly educated subject matter experts, both in the field of development and support.

Customer Support

Our focussed customer attention starts on day 1 and continues throughout your entire journey with the Locstatt System. Our goal is not just to sign a contract, but to build a solid ethical partnership keeping your Company at the forefront of the competition.

The Locstatt Help and Support team takes you through an initial company setup process and helps load all relevant information into the system. This is an integral part of getting your company started with the detailed customization needed on the base layer, including your projects, facilities, and overall Safety Management System.

Everything from employees, training requirements, processes, & templates are carefully loaded, making them available across the entire system.

Our Help and Support team also deliver continual support to companies regarding training on the use of the system. They provide a centralized location to deal with technical issues, run performance reports, and aid in the maintenance and cross-check of safety data.


When Locstatt customers turn to our team for support, we look at the issues and constantly evaluate to improve the quality of reports, dashboards, and programs. This constant evaluation is vital for our own continued improvement and the quality of the service we provide.

Our specialised agents use their enhanced skills to handle each company on an individual basis promoting speedy responses and simple solutions. And our carefully labelled database of prior ticket items allows for quick resolutions of similar issues. Overall, this provides seamless communication between client and support and allows for immediate on-site improvements.

Powerful Development Team

Possibly the most important part of Locstatt’s success, is our powerful team of dedicated developers. In point of fact, our core team has remained loyal to Locstatt for more than 15 years. This loyalty and in-depth knowledge of our entire range of applications, and how they’ve been built, stands us in good stead when it comes to customer requests and customizations. This Continual development keeps us on the cutting edge, and our dedicated development team keep the client interface running smoothly on back-end.

On top of that, every intricate piece of the puzzle is linked to another, and the term, ‘stranded technology’ has no place in the Locstatt System.

Lastly, the term ‘Powered by Locstatt’ has become a phrase that many of our client company partners use when referencing their safety systems and the partnership with the Locstatt services especially when it comes to their contingency planning.

For the founder, when building Locstatt as a post 9/11 Contingency Planning Manager, the importance and value of contingency planning became crystal clear. You need to plan for the 100-year event. You need to be Powered by Locstatt.

Needless to say, it has been an eventful journey of remarkable challenges and often success, but more importantly, we have figured out how not to implement HSSE technology at the worksite and this is what makes the entire design around the Locstatt suite of services so unique.