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BBS Observations

The BBS Observations Module enables your front-line team to seamlessly note field evaluation of safe or unsafe behaviors or conditions. Also, like our other Apps, it is fully integrated with your entire Safety Management System (SMS) options.

Establishing Behavioral Based Safety throughout your organization is a powerful example of proactive & pro-safety thinking. There is a little saying in the industry that goes something like this:

“See it, report it, prevent or promote it

Why prevent ‘or’ promote? Certainly, safe conditions & behaviors are just as important as the unsafe, so why do they generally go undocumented?

Recognition and praise from a manager or site supervisor helps establish, and really ingrain, those safety habits while executing a job or task at hand. Additionally, it is vital for you to feel confident your team can initiate a Stop Work Authority, plus recognise positive behavior.

Tie it in with the Goals Module to track your weekly or monthly BBS Observations numbers – are they matching your Goal?

Distinctive Characteristics include:

BBS Observations

1. Mobile App

Create Observations using the Workstation Mobile app from any location or worksite. The Workstation app can work offline with instant upload to the system once internet connection is re-established.

BBS Observations

2. Customizable BBS Categories

Customize your own list of BBS Categories and Subcategories to reflect your Company’s unique SMS.

BBS Observations

3. Nomination/winners Program

Motivate employees using the Nomination/winners option offered by our Remedial Action Plan and Mobile app.

BBS Observations

4. BBS Observations Reports

Daily tracking of open and closed BBS observations via your graphical interface enhances management resource and response.

BBS Observations

5. Remedial Action Plan

Ability to automatically process BBS observations to Remedial Action Plans and data reports for customized site analysis.

BBS Observations

6. Annual Overviews

Annual Overviews with aggregated Compressed Data are available via the Company Performance Overview.

7. Employees Participation

Stay in control of your employees. Locstatt’s BBS module provides a two-way flow of information between a facility and hired contractor. Log into the system and view your employees’ participation in the BBS system while they work on an owner’s site.


Set Team or Company wide targets for your monthly/weekly BBS observations, and track them in the Goals component.