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Automatic Remedial Action Planning

Remedial Action Planning

The Locstatt Workstation App, or ‘Harvesting Tool’, is directly related to the process of your Automatic Remedial Action Planning (RAP).

This automated facilitation of remedial action planning becomes the central hub for your entire system company-wide. And in over 90% of cases, this is derived from the following specific Workstation Applications:

One of Locstatt’s strongest design aspects is the process and facilitation of the Remedial Action Plan. Developed with the end User in mind, the RAP flows automatically from every relative action performed in the system.

Why was it designed this way?

Years of onsite practical experience performing Hazard Hunts, Audits and BBS observations, highlighted a major hurdle. The hurdle of getting information from the field into a report to initiate the Remedial Action Plan. It is labor intensive, time consuming, and a hinderance to the value of the process.

Remedial Action Planning
Locstatt – Remedial Action Plan

Why double handle information when it can be streamlined?

An efficient and meaningful Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is essential for proactive solutions. Stop performing hundreds of Audits & BBS observations that stay as stranded information and stop accumulating wasted paper copies.

Choose a tool that makes your Remedial Action Plan automatic. That automatically uploads the reports as you walk back to the office and sends the RAP to all relevant personnel for immediate attention.

That Tool is the Locstatt System.