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4 Pillars of Locstatt Support

Locstatt’s proven track-record providing a Help & Support team for your SMS is powered by 4 exclusive Pillars.

These 4 pillars, supporting & powering the engine, is what makes Locstatt unique in today’s market.

The functional system of integrated applications has been designed by Locstatt safety and military professionals from the coalface backwards. Professionals that, over the last 30 years, have spent many thousands of hours in different environments and locations around the world.

4 Pillars of Locstatt Support

Pillar 1: Advanced level of help, support, & company customization.

The 1st vital pillar is Locstatt’s Help & Support Team. They will assist your onsite safety and administration personnel by performing most of the initial data entry to get your company setup.

This starts with a detailed customization of all software for your projects, facilities, locations, supervisors, branches, regional geography, PPE, & safety management system etc.

Then they carefully load all your employees to ensure they maintain the integrity of your database with no duplicates.

4 Pillars of Locstatt Support

Pillar 2: Locstatt Mobile Workstation

The 2nd vital pillar to Locstatt is the Mobile Workstation which is available in Windows, iOS, and Android.

The onsite applications available on the Mobile Workstation are amazingly simple & intuitive. This simplicity makes them very easy for your frontline team to use, and in turn, eliminates the need for costly initial or ongoing training.

They are also designed to work on or offline depending on site internet protocols.

4 Pillars of Locstatt Support

Pillar 3: Web Data Analysis

The 3rd Pillar to Locstatt is the Web Data Analysis and Reports. These are fed primarily from the mobile applications on the Workstation or Classroom App.

The compression of web data into a comprehensive report assists with leading indicators & proactive training analysis. For instance:

  • Take 350 audits over multiple facilities, compress the data, and reveal any question and how it was answered across the board.
  • What were the top findings?
  • Who attended Safety Meetings,
  • How many Incidents did you have last month?
  • What were the Training Topics discussed?
  • Are you reaching your BBS goals?

This is just a small sample of the types of data that can be compressed, and automatically emailed to your management distribution list each week. And remember that these customized dashboards are just part of the Locstatt service at no extra charge.

4 Pillars of Locstatt Support

Pillar 4: A Powerful Development Team

The 4th, and possibly the most important Pillar to Locstatt is our powerful team of dedicated developers. In point of fact, our core team has remained loyal to Locstatt for more than 15 years. This loyalty and in-depth knowledge of our entire range of applications, and how they’ve been built, stands us in good stead when it comes to customer requests and customizations.

On top of that, every intricate piece of the puzzle is linked to another, and the term, ‘stranded technology’ has no place in the Locstatt System.

4 Pillars of Locstatt

The word locstat is military terminology meaning ‘Location State’ or what’s your location and what’s your situation? Imagine being able to see all your worksite locations with interactive reporting dashboards detailing actual usage of your safety management systems, with one simple click.

Workstation App

Locstatt’s Workstation Mobile App combines easy-to-use technology with a whole world of Companywide integrated data. Every module is available on any device, to be used anywhere, anytime. Customize your interface and take control of your business.