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Company-wide Integrated Compressed Data

Locstatt’s Workstation Mobile App combines easy-to-use technology with a whole world of company-wide integrated data. Compress and aggregate your data drawn from all modules, available on any type of device, and review it in the Company Performance Overview (CPO).

Company Performance Overview (CPO)

Information revealed by your Compressed Data is vital to safety management. This is why Locstatt is so focused on the design of its integrated Systems.

Compressed Safety Data provides you with the information you need in order to do something about it!

Safety professionals, know that lagging indicators are reactive in nature, and effectiveness of a safety program is measured in hindsight. Lagging indicators include the number of incidents, injuries, days away from work (DAFW), etc.

By contrast, leading indicators are proactive in nature. Locstatt’s compressed data provides true leading indicators which are extremely powerful. Often, an individual event can seem insignificant, but once you take a whole wealth of information and compress it, the picture suddenly changes.

Take a typical industrial workplace

  • No one has been hurt or injured,
  • Performance is on track and, in fact you are celebrating over 300 days LTI free.
  • Permit to work (PTW) is in place,
  • JSA’s are being conducted and as far as you can see from a management point of view, everyone is committed to safety and zero is the goal.
  • You are happy and are reporting your success to upper management. No Issue!

As a manager you are reviewing the Locstatt Company Performance Overview or CPO and are satisfied with what you are seeing. Audits and inspections are being performed as expected, all is running smoothly

However, if you look at the Locstatt compressed data for the last 245 PTW audits, you see that:

  • Out of the last 45 times your personnel completed this task…
  • On 17 occasions the supervisor was not present
  • On 23 occasions whip checks were not used
  • On 15 occasions PPE was not available

This gives you a very different set of information. You realise your safety systems are not correctly in place and you immediately know what remedial action is required – better training!

This example highlights the importance of the type of support your management need to successfully implement a SMS. A program that compresses company data and displays it in a company-wide format is vital.

A large percentage of the Locstatt compressed data is derived from Audits and JSA verifications. The audits module compresses the data automatically, however, the power of JSA verifications is often not fully understood.

Company Performance Overview (CPO)

A 5-minute JSA Verification completed by your supervisor allows the Locstatt System to compress your data and accurately show which mitigation measures are consistently used and which are not. This in turn, gives them a clear direction to determine what parts of the JSA need focused discussion.

Company Performance Overview (CPO)

Using a Tool to collect, integrate, and compress your company-wide data, is literally life-saving.