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Hazard Hunts

Are you using Hazard Hunts effectively in your workplace?

At Locstatt we understand the power of effective Hazard Hunts. We also understand the power of making better decisions based on detailed proactive analysis. This is why we designed a practical user-friendly App that is very easy for your frontline workers to use producing instant results.

Hazard Hunts

You now have the ability to keep track of incident prevention by identifying potential hazards in the workplace. Additionally this ability means you can now eliminate risk before it results in a near miss, incident, injury or illness.

Combine this with the process of adding as much or as little detail as required, from a simple Photograph to an in-depth description covering the entire job performance, and the whole process remains streamlined and practical.

Hazard Hunts

That Hazard Hunt report that you received this week – how did it actually arrive?

  • Do your safety personnel still document hazards on paper?
  • Are the workplace photographs still manually downloaded and uploaded?
  • Is a separate Word or Excel report compiled back at the office?
  • What about the remedial and close out actions?
  •  How about Trending?
  • More importantly, how long does all this take?
Hazard Hunts

As a manager, you need a simple steam-lined process that captures your Hazard Hunts in a clear succinct manner, something that enables you to see the issues in real-time.

With Locstatt’s Hazard Hunt application the report is automatically created in the field with hazards identified and associated comments and photographs already uploaded.

Plus the remedial action plans and close out actions have also been created and emailed; all you have to do is confirm the action agreed or required.

On top of this, trending and reporting is also automatic and transparent; no more wasted time on follow ups, simply harvest the information you need, aggregate the compressed data, and make better informed decisions.

Finally your on-site personnel can head back to the office secure in the knowledge that their work is already complete, now that’s what we call using Hazard Hunts effectively…

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