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Company Customization

Place your company at the forefront of the competition with our highly valued Company Customization supported by our Unique Company Solutions feature.

Imagine being able to see your worksite locations with interactive dashboards and reporting, all with one simple click. Imagine also being able to see detailed usage of your safety management system the way ‘you’ want to see it. Having detailed knowledge of the site reports and data for Audits, Vehicle Inspections & Incidents is invaluable. Would you also like to see the compressed data for  BBS observations, Hazard Hunts & Lessons Learned? 

Company Customization

To make this happen Locstatt provides an exceptional level of service, that starts with the detailed customization of software for your projects, facilities, locations, supervisors, branches, and regional geography. 

Our highly experienced Help & Support Team take your information and convert it electronically. They upload your JSA’s, Audit forms, BBS format and even your In-house Training (when using the Classroom App).

Best of all, this is simply all part of the initial Basic Membership service for new companies. On top of this, as the integrity of the database is everything, we carefully load all your employees to ensure that no duplicates are created. We also setup your training matrices, job positions, departments, and initially load your post training records.

Now, this is where our Unique Company Solutions come into play, and things get exciting.

Company Customization

So you are already using our entire suite of Apps, you already have access to the compressed data, and can see how your Company is performing via the CPO. Everything is integrated and running smoothly. But is there still ‘that one thing’ that would really make the world of difference to your frontline workers, or for you as an HSE manager on the back end?

What do you need? Which component needs that ‘tweak’?

We know every company is different. You have your own way of viewing things; your own priorities and focus; your own unique Company procedure & philosophy. It is madness to expect a ‘software’ HSE program to just be a ‘plug & play’ application. The beauty of Locstatt is that we have the ability to take ‘your’ Company and tailor ‘our program’ to fit around it.

So, tell us what you need, and how you need it. If it makes sense, and is not a major back-end change, we will add it free of charge. Or, at the very least, we will discuss how we can make this work for you in the most economical way possible.

This is how Locstatt puts you ahead of the competition. We don’t just sell a service, we strive to make ‘you’ the best you can be. Our Unique Company Solutions & Initial Customization is how we do it