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Help & Support Team Tasks

Initial Setup

Loading your Company information to the Locstatt system:

  1. Company details. Name & address plus logo.
  2. Employee list, including all employee names, departments, job positions, facilities, hire dates etc.
  3. Regions, branches and/or facilities with specific locations. The support team will advise you regarding the correct structure for optimal results with reports etc.
  4. Departments and job positions. We create a logical structure to enable smooth transfer of data from one component to another within the system.
  5. Clients. Your client list will correspond to specific facilities within your company.

Audits & Inspections

  1. Template List & Audit Types. The support team will give guidance on the correct format of Audits & lists to be added within the Audits module. The number of templates and audit types uploaded for your company is unlimited, plus all of them will be available for the creation of inspections on both the Workstation App & Website.
  2. Equipment and Vehicle Lists. A comprehensive list of equipment and vehicles will be uploaded to facilitate access to audits & inspections throughout the year. You also have the option of listing vehicle or equipment names, models, brands, etc. Any vehicle or property damage is then easy to identify within the Incidents Module.

BBS Observations

  1. BBS Categories and Sub-Categories. The Locstatt system offers a comprehensive list of default Categories that are available to your Company. However, you have the option via the Support Team to customize the list requesting they add, remove, or rename any category required. Alternatively, you have the option to customize your own list via the Categories component inside the Locstatt web system.

Incident Reporting

The Incident module has a multitude of customizable lists that can be used to generate detailed reports at a later stage. The support team provides a guide on how to custom your list to reflect your individual operations. The lists are:

  1. Incident Types
  2. Types of Work
  3. Incident Documents
  4. Broad Types Incidents
  5. Root Cause Categories/Subcategories
  6. Weather options
  7. Property Damage List
  8. Injury/Illness List
  9. Source of Injuries List


Support Team guidance is essential within the Training module, especially if you are using the Classroom App. They will assist with:

  1. Training List. They will load a complete list of your in-house training making it available inside the Locstatt system. This will include your Instructors, Training Types, Methods, Equivalences, Packages, and expiration dates etc.
  2. Training Requirements. To optimize training report information, the Support Team gives guidance on setting the required training by Job Positions or Facilities. This validation is then shown in the training matrices, Facility logbook, and Training history of each employee.
  3. Classroom Content. The Support Team will convert your entire Training material from PPT, PFD, Video etc, to available courses within the Classroom App. Employees are then able to access the training and take a course online, or as Instructor Led Training.
  4. CSV Files. Tracking your training from 3rd party providers is easy via a csv file or with our Application Programming Interface. Your IT department will receive specific instructions from our Support Team on how to set up an automatic routine sending the files, daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  1. JSA Library. The Support Team will help convert your JSA documents from Word, Excel, & PDFs, etc. to digital FORMs to create your daily JSA Verifications and JSA Meetings. The component offers a multitude of different details, like HSE Elements, PPE Lists, etc.
  2. Risk Matrices. Send us your Risk Matrices and the Support Team will upload them to the system. Each Step within the JSAs can be linked to any cell of any Risk Matrix. If you don’t have a Risk Matrix, simply request the default templates available from within the Locstatt System.
  3. Custom JSA Meetings Debrief. Each Company can add a customized list of questions to go through after a JSA Meeting has been conducted.

Training Sessions

The Support Team is available on request to train your employees via live sessions, on an individual basis, or as a group. Simply email Support to set up a day & time, and they will supply a dedicated agent to answer questions and show you how to use the system.

We Provide help and assistance on queries related to use of the Locstatt software and web system.

Technical Support

Provide technical support and common troubleshooting


Follow-up with users to ensure issues have been resolved or need additional assistance.

Follow-up and update customer status and information

Data Maintenance

  1. Maintenance, curation, and update of company information
  2. Update employee lists, training records, requirements, etc
  3. Run diagnostics reports to ensure integrity of information


  1. Pass on any feedback or suggestions by customers to the appropriate internal team
  2. Identify and suggest possible improvements on procedures